To create events and be a resource for non-profit staff and others interested in non-profit organizations and how best to help them.

Program History
We have focused upon key issues: transition from for profit to not for profits, governance, finances, fund-raising, careers, the impact of women on philanthropy and corporate social responsibility. The committee has existed for more then 2 decades, and was originally called the Community Affairs Committee.  Its existence reflects the social awareness and community involvement of FWA members that the organization also demonstrates in its mentoring and scholarship programs.

Program Description
Committee members are active in the selection of topics and speakers and help to publicize and coordinate events.  The committee generally does four events per year and has 4 – 5 meetings that precede an event and one planning session in the summer for the next season. Our event format is generally a small panels of experts that are highly interactive with questions encouraged by the audience.

Message from the Co-chairs
With the growing importance of not for profit organizations – 1 our of every 10 jobs in the U S  is with a non-profit – this committee’s mission is important now and will grow.  People interested in helping to make good things happen should find this exciting.
Katrin Dambrot and Fran Smyth, Not-for-Profit Committee Co-chairs

Recent Event Highlight
Four “transitioners” explained the why and how of moving from for profit to non-profit, to a  large an interested crowd where WCBS Radio provided coverage of this important topic.  A high powered lawyer, a leading expert on board service, an accountant who teaches and practices non-profit finance, a top consultant to large organizations – we’ve had them all with more to come.

Success Story
A committee member used information and contacts gained from the Not-For-Profit Committee to successfully incorporate a foundation in New York State.  Next step – IRS recognition.

View from a committee member
Let me take this opportunity to thank you again for a most educational session.  I was truly impressed by the quality of the event and the level of intelligence of the attendees.  And now the kind follow-up by you!  I have applied for a membership and look forward to seeing you around.
Most sincerely, Ichun Lai

View from a guest presenter

Barbara White

I enjoyed presenting to the FWA on February 18th, 2010 and was both surprised and pleased with the level of audience interest and participation on the subject of not for profit organizations. In fact, the level of interest was so high the dialogue could easily have continued well beyond the allotted time.The meeting location was ideal and the room was set-up was excellent for the meeting. In addition, the committee chairs provided me with a co-presentor whose experience as a CPA practitioner in this arena dovetailed perfectly with my experience with NFP boards. Hats off to Katrin and Fran for a job well done!  Barbara White, principle of Transformation Coaching and Consulting, LLC.

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