Emerging Issues

The mission of the Emerging Issues Committee is to provide a forum for presentation and discussion of topical global financial industry issues as well as next wave issues that are likely to have a significant impact on our markets.

  • Bring clarity and build understanding in today’s most visible topics and highlight tomorrow’s financial market challenges
  • Gather ideas from a broad cross-section of industry professionals
  • Move beyond traditional financial topics to explore areas that are important for the business community.

Program Description
The FWA’s Emerging Issues committee is re-emerging. It had been combined for a short time with the Current Affairs committee, which will continue to focus on regulation, legislation, government and financially oriented topics. Part of the FWA Educational Fund’s mission to educate the general business community, the Emerging Issues committee expects to stage broad based events in the coming months that will focus on topics such as national security that will appeal to a less specialized audience.

Event Highlights
Programs organized by the committee include:

  • Richard Edelman: Credibility and trust in corporate communications in an era of crisis management
  • Daniel Yergin – Oil Markets and the Economics of Energy
  • Green Investing
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Economic Forums I and II – The Economic Forums initiated a marquee event for the FWA in 2009-2010, working with the President’s Circle committee to attract speakers and sponsorships from our top corporate leadership.  The first event featured a panel of women economists.  For all the events, preplanning among panelists provides opportunities for networking and incredible presentation interactions.

Want more information about the program?
Contact Susan Jankowski sgj99@hotmail.com or Sharon Lewis sharonlewis@rcn.com.